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Director: Mike Kren
Austria 2013

The now grown up Leoš remembers his childhood in communist Czechoslovakia of the 1970ies, his escape to Austria and first impressions in this new home, but also the things and people he had to leave behind.

A film about the lightness and fleetingness of childhood memories and the weight they can have for a whole life.

Austria 2013
35 mm/8mm

Director: Mike Kren
Written by Clara Trischler
Cinematography: Xiaosu Han & Andreas Thalhammer
Editing: Bettina Enigl
Production: Roberto Gruber, Yvy Rita Borbon
Sound: Peter Priemer, Matthias Ermert
Production Design: Christoph Fischer

Cast: Constantin Al Khafaji, Kitty Khittl, Susanne Gschwendtner, Martin Fabini, Reinold Tischler, Claudia Martini, Manuel Corn, David Wagner


Festival International du Film d'Aubagne 2014, FRA

Trieste International
Film Festival 2014, ITA

Istanbul International Short Film Festival 2013, TR

Eurochannel Short Film Tour 2014

Isola Cinema 2014, SLO

Festival of Migrant Film
Ljubljana 2014, SLO

Leiden International Short Film Experience 2014, NL

Filmz - Festival des deutschen Kinos 2013, GER

Shnit International Short Film Festial 2013, CH

Filmnacht in der Manege 2014, AUT

Cinema Next Filmnacht May 2013, AUT